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Business Solutions

In the broader sense a business solution is nothing more than a combination of initiatives, concepts and ideas that allows a business to achieve both its objectives and goals. A business solution can also target a specific process, product or service offering recommendations/options for improvements. Collaboration between us enables me to understand your vision and ambition for your business which will enable us to work together to create an exciting business plan to realise that vision. My toolbox of consulting services whether single of a combination thereof can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing your business to thrive and grow in the way you want it to. Alternatively, you may believe your business is already achieving its targets then perhaps the best plan for you is a 'health check or tune up'. Sometimes an outsider can see things differently and offer ideas for improvements whilst highlighting areas that are particularly effective in your business as well as those that are vulnerable.  Whatever your needs, we can create a cost-effective business solution for you.

Nigel Sainsbury

Entrepreneurial leader, veteran, business coach and consultant who trained primarily as an aeronautical engineer within the military. Over my working career I have been involved with setting up and developing relationships with both military and business enterprises which involved creating an inclusive working environment focused on all aspects of the business plan. This involved bringing together many elements including logistics, acquisition, HR, Safety& Health and quality assurance programs whilst introducing cost effective strategies that improve the bottom line and promotes business growth. A Capable Change Manager who can re-invigorate existing business processes through engagement within all sections of the workforce. This enhances morale and in turn leads to a more efficient work environment. Sound business coach offering confidential guidance across all sectors of the business from CEO to Intern.


Either singularly or in combination the following consultancy services are used to develop business solutions across a range of business and industry sectors ranging from the one-man-band through small businesses and onto large multinational corporations. The last one is a recent addition to the list as I have learnt about the enjoyment of writing my memoirs and the satisfaction of self publishing.

Business Consultancy 101

International Business

Mentoring/Business Coaching

Document Development 

Short Term Staffing 

Self Publishing Author Help

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