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If you ride or have ridden on a motorcycle you have had a two-wheeled experience.  Whether you liked it or not  - well done! Motorcycles are more than just a means of transport to the motorcyclist. A motorcycle is an extension of the person riding it, and from the moment you climb aboard an adventure begins.  Every adventure is different and (in the main) enjoyable, but the endings can be unpredictable sometimes. This book is about many of the adventures I have had on two wheels including the ones that did not end well. Nevertheless, all were great life learning opportunities. Who would have thought that a motorcycle could be an instrument of learning, a sort of outdoor classroom? I continue to ride and I learn more during every adventure I have. Let the good times roll! 

My First Book 

'One Down Four Up'; My Bikes, my Life

Published March 2019


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ISBN:  978-0-578-47170-9

My Second Book  
The Gifted Amateur Part 1; Life and the Military
Available July 2020

The Gifted Amateur Part 1; Life and the Military, is about my growing up in a small Welsh mining village with aspirations of enlisting into the military to travel and see the world. A promising career that came under jeopardy soon after it had begun. Setbacks and disappointments are all part of course. In between these low points are some pretty awesome moments filled with excitement and fun. Every event is a life learning opportunity that influences my future thinking and decision making. I don't always get things right, but I always do my best, after all, its what makes me a Gifted Amateur. 


My Third Book  
The Gifted Amateur Part 2; Grit 
Available December 2022

The Gifted Amateur Part 2; Grit. This is the continuation of my life in the military and an opportunity for a family adventure. Life changes become family oriented, and decisions must be unanimous. With lots of variables and unknowns, things change which result in unpredictable situations. Perseverance, resilience and the right attitude can act like a shining light into the future but following such a path can be difficult. Every twist and turn are life learning opportunities. Once again, I don't always get things right, but I always do my best, after all, it’s what makes me a Gifted Amateur. 

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My Fourth Book  
Route 66 A Guiding Light 
Available 1st Qtr 2024

Nigel, a Kiwi on a three-year assignment at the New Zealand Embassy in Washington, DC, is hell bent on riding a motorcycle along the iconic Route 66. Nigel willingly shares his intent with a few close friends, which generates multiple ideas and personal agendas. Without a real idea of how, when, or who is going to do it with, Nigel decides to simply make things up as he goes along, allowing those who want to join him to do their own thing. Nigel believes that flexibility puts the venture in adventure. A humorous story of one man’s desire to tick off his #1 bucket list item and create everlasting memories for a few motorcycling mates.

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