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  • Nigel M Sainsbury

Washington DC Bike Show 10-12 Jan 20

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show took place over the weekend in the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. Every year the show seems to be getting smaller and the crowds even smaller. I would have liked to put a stall there to promote my book, but I would have to sell over 700 books just to break even. It is expensive and there is nowhere near the site to park your bike. Perhaps it is not the best venue for a Motorcycle Show in the capital. Big names like Triumph and BMW were not even on display. Nevertheless, always nice to spend an afternoon looking at new bikes and meeting people. BJ Hessler is going great guns with her DC Dirt Camp offering the off road experience for new and not so new motorcycle riders in the local area - check it out. The $55K Kawsaki H2, and $48K Harley Trike were bargains! The electric bikes were leading the charge! If you have $30K to spare you can treat yourself to a Harley Livewire. If you only have $5K you could get a Yamaha bicycle. Alternatively, for the cost of the Livewire, you could treat yourself to a brand new Z900 and a Suzuki DR650 or a Honda CB500 X and still have change for a nice holiday. Of all of the bikes on display, my favorite was the red Honda CB 500X. Smaller engines seem to be making a bit of a comeback. Enjoy.

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