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  • Nigel Sainsbury

My Life in 3 Books

Writing my autobiography was never on my bucket list of things to do. I am neither rich nor famous nor have I done amazing things. But I have had a few experiences and have learnt a lot about life and people. Through good times and bad, life's journey has presented me with a number of personal and professional challenges all of which has made me the person I am today. Three years ago, I published a book on the influences motorcycles had on my life called 'One Down Four Up'. The success of that book led me to write two other books; The Gifted Amateur Part 1 (Life and the Military) & Part 2 (Grit); my autobiography. It has taken me the best part of a decade to bring it all together and it has been an incredible journey of reflection and self discovery. It is my hope that you will indulge, take a peek into my life and let me share my story with you. Maybe the experience will inspire you to tell your story one day.



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